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Dear Customer,

We realize that in this critical situation it is important for you to know that we have taken all appropriate measures required to ensure that our products are accessible for patients and healthcare providers.

As a marketing authorization holder it is the responsibility of Nordic Drugs to ensure sufficient supply in the market of our medicinal products. We are continuously monitoring the situation and the ongoing development and we are taking all the necessary actions to keep our delivery chain robust to reduce the impact of COVID-19. These measures requires us having a close contact with the manufacturers and distributors, establishing an efficient and secure way to carry out our work from home and minimizing our customer visits to reduce the risk of spreading this infectious disease.

We have decided that during this difficult period we will not visit the health care professionals or pharmacies to minimize the risk of spreading the virus, therefore, ensuring the safety of both the health care professionals and our own staff.

Our commitment and loyalty towards you have never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic and if we can support you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nordic Drugs would also like to thank all the medical staff, all the caregivers and all those who, in these times, care about the well-being of others. We wish to express our deep respect.

Anders Löfgren, Managing Director




Tervetuloa Nordic Drugsiin

Nordic Drugs AB on pohjoismainen lääkeyritys, jonka pääkonttori on Malmössä.
Nordic Drugs aloitti toimintansa vuonna 1995.
Ruotsin lisäksi toimimme Suomessa, Tanskassa ja Norjassa.


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